Industry News:

Yale introduces lithium-ion walkie
 -- Posted: 4/2/2015
Pallet truck features first commercially available Underwriters Laboratories-recognized lithium-ion battery pack.

Performance against DC metrics may be starting to plateau
 -- Posted: 4/1/2015
Preliminary results of the annual DCV/WERC metrics study show improvement in fewer areas than in past years.

Virtual lift truck trainer wins MHI Innovation Award
 -- Posted: 4/1/2015
Drivers use forklift simulator to build skills.

UPS delivers green power with CNG expansion
 -- Posted: 4/1/2015
Company to add 15 fueling stations, buy 1,400 vehicles.

WMS involves unique and sophisticated software programs that operate "behind the scenes" to drive warehouse operations and track inventory. Interlink has specialized in WMS solutions since 1986 and has expanded over the years to include the newest technologies and current practices in the warehousing industry.

Interlink's current offering, WHSe-LINK® (Warehouse Link), offers technology and functionality to support all warehousing activities. Interlink provides a "turn-key" solution that includes WHSe-LINK® Software, System Integration, Hardware, Training and Support.

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