Industry News:

Logistics, material handling companies give back
 -- Posted: 10/2/2014
Here's our monthly roundup of charitable works by companies in the logistics and material handling markets.

French wine completes round-the-world trip
 -- Posted: 10/2/2014
A five-continent ocean journey on CMA CGM ships will test the impact of refrigerated transport on the Burgundy wines' taste and quality.

The biggest reverse logistics operation ever, in pictures
 -- Posted: 10/1/2014
Online photo collection provides a look at the logistics of the U.S. military's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Some gasoline, diesel transporters step on the (natural) gas
 -- Posted: 10/1/2014
In an ironic twist, a new company will provide natural gas fueling services to bulk haulers of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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