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Con-way Freight to boost driver wages early next year; first big nonunion LTL trucker to act
 -- Posted: 9/30/2014
Changes seen costing parent firm about $60 million next year, analysts say.

O’Brien Installations Announces Crane Dealer Agreement with Sling-Choker
 -- Posted: 9/30/2014

O’Brien Installations Limited announced an agreement with Sling-Choker Manufacturing that combines the extensive distribution network of Sling-Choker with O’Brien’s crane and hoist products to give consumers further access to O’Brien’s lifting equipment.

Under the agreement, Sling-Choker will distribute O’Brien crane and hoist products inc...

Crown Equipment Unveils New Forklift Cabins that Challenge Conventional Design
 -- Posted: 9/30/2014

Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, continues to push the limits of industrial gas forklift design. This time it comes in the form of new hard and soft cabins for the Crown C-5 Series that contain a number of features to help operators gain comfort, greater visibility and improved performance while working in unpredictable environments.<...

"There's always a solution": interview with Lt. Gen. Robert Ruark
 -- Posted: 9/29/2014
When it's your job to figure out what military logistics capability the U.S. will need three to five years out, it helps to have a "can do" attitude. Fortunately, Lt. Gen. Robert Ruark believes there is always a solution to a problem.

Interlink Technologies is Information Technology that utilizes Barcode Technology. Barcodes have become a standard in the warehouse industry and provide an excellent means to gather, track and manage information about inventory. Scanning the barcode opens the door to reveal everything associated with the inventory – lot number, expiration date, receive date, production date, who touched the inventory, QC requirements, environmental requirements, etc. Audits and recalls can be a nightmare without the help of IT. Warehouse Link easily manages audits, recalls and cycle counts. Because inventory information requirements vary from one item to another, Warehouse Link eases the complicated task of gathering and tracking the various pieces of information by using prompts and forced input.