Industry News:

Sherman, Rooney form bipartisan "airship caucus" in House
 -- Posted: 4/17/2015
Congressmen hope to boost support for versatile, eco-friendly cargo-carrying blimps.

LTL capturing more load-board mind share; spot market posts double that of truckload, DAT says
 -- Posted: 4/17/2015
TIA panel session touts growing potential of LTL-intermediary relationship.

TruBID system accurately measures specific gravity of battery electrolytes
 -- Posted: 4/16/2015
Manufacturer says charging system is first to accurately measure an undercharged battery to allow proper recharging.

Logistics gives back
 -- Posted: 4/16/2015
Here are some recent examples of charitable work and donations by companies in the logistics and material handling space.

Interlink Technologies is Information Technology that utilizes Barcode Technology. Barcodes have become a standard in the warehouse industry and provide an excellent means to gather, track and manage information about inventory. Scanning the barcode opens the door to reveal everything associated with the inventory – lot number, expiration date, receive date, production date, who touched the inventory, QC requirements, environmental requirements, etc. Audits and recalls can be a nightmare without the help of IT. Warehouse Link easily manages audits, recalls and cycle counts. Because inventory information requirements vary from one item to another, Warehouse Link eases the complicated task of gathering and tracking the various pieces of information by using prompts and forced input.