Industry News:

Hard at work and lovin' it
 -- Posted: 4/27/2015
Respondents to DCV's latest salary survey may be putting in long hours, but job satisfaction remains high.

Dray drivers begin strike against four firms at Los Angeles, Long Beach ports
 -- Posted: 4/27/2015
Ports see minimal disruption at this time; workers say they are company employees, not contractors.

Kiva Systems to be renamed Amazon Robotics
 -- Posted: 4/26/2015
Will continue building warehouse robots for retail giant.

Owner-operator truck group urges feds to drop proposal requiring speed limiters
 -- Posted: 4/26/2015
Each state should set its own speed limits and have all vehicles abide by it, OOIDA says.

The WMS process begins with receiving the product in the door and capturing the initial inventory information. Receiving may include returns, advance ship notice, receiving unexpected shipments, QC hold items, Cross Dock items, building to pallet or unloading a shuttle from sister warehouse. Warehouse Link prompts the worker to capture all the information required for each item and confirm quantity received. A “license plate” is given and the product is ready for putaway. The information remains attached to the product throughout the entire warehouse process.