Industry News:

Where's the payback in software?
 -- Posted: 4/24/2015
The pitch is that supply chain software will slash costs and take performance to new levels. But our exclusive survey finds that nearly half of software users have not gotten the expected return on their investment.

Raymond unveils new products aimed at end-to-end productivity improvements
 -- Posted: 4/23/2015
Load-carrier system designed for ultra-high-density storage; LED light system aims to prevent misplaced pallets; reach truck reaches up to 50 feet in very-narrow-aisle facilities.

USPS testing e-fulfillment services for small, mid-size e-commerce businesses
 -- Posted: 4/23/2015
Chicago-based warehouse proving ground for initiative; OIG sees major opportunities for agency in domestic, international e-fulfillment; new services would take USPS beyond its historical mandate.

Truckload index hits all-time high in March; intermodal index declines
 -- Posted: 4/23/2015
Authors say data reflects diverging fortunes of the two modes.

Where to store the item? What makes sense? In the back of the warehouse (never to be seen again) or in the middle of the aisle where it’s in the way? Does it make sense that only “Joe” knows where he put it? Warehouse Link eliminates the bad choices and allows visibility to where the item is located. Putaway is directed by the system and location placement is confirmed with a quick scan. Warehouse Link takes into account those “exception to the rules” and provides flexibility to move locations temporarily or permanently. Putaway activities may be controlled by ABC Velocity, Environmental Controls, Expiration Date, Item Ownership, Item for Specific Customer, Preferred Areas or Cubic Capacity. Putaway also manages replenishment with min/max quantities.