Industry News:

Zebra Technologies to acquire Motorola Solutions' enterprise business
 -- Posted: 4/16/2014
$3.45 billion deal to include Motorola's mobile computing, bar-code scanning, and wireless LAN solutions.

Supply chain pioneer's new book provides a personal take on life and business
 -- Posted: 4/16/2014
Joe Andraski's My Incredible Supply Chain Journey ... and What You Can Learn From It is a unique account of his personal story, Nabisco history, and what makes a supply chain organization great.

Virginia Tech Offering New Unit Load Design and Performance Short Course
 -- Posted: 4/16/2014

The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design at Virginia Tech is offering a new Unit Load Design and Performance Short Course May 13-15 on the Virgina Tech campus. Supply chain professionals interested in reducing product damage and lowering unitization costs are encouraged to att...

Charlie Clay Joins Hytrol as Manager of Safety and Environment
 -- Posted: 4/16/2014

Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc., an industry expert in automated material handling solutions, recently announced the hire of Charlie Clay as the company’s new Manager of Safety and Environment. Clay is a native to Northeast Arkansas and brings over twenty-two years of experience to his position.

Prior to Hytrol, Clay held different safety positions in the transportation, pharmaceu...

Where to store the item? What makes sense? In the back of the warehouse (never to be seen again) or in the middle of the aisle where it’s in the way? Does it make sense that only “Joe” knows where he put it? Warehouse Link eliminates the bad choices and allows visibility to where the item is located. Putaway is directed by the system and location placement is confirmed with a quick scan. Warehouse Link takes into account those “exception to the rules” and provides flexibility to move locations temporarily or permanently. Putaway activities may be controlled by ABC Velocity, Environmental Controls, Expiration Date, Item Ownership, Item for Specific Customer, Preferred Areas or Cubic Capacity. Putaway also manages replenishment with min/max quantities.