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CLARK Material Handing Company announces the appointment of Chuck Mix as Vice President of Operations
 -- Posted: 9/19/2014

CLARK Material Handing Company has announced the appointment of Chuck Mix as Vice President of Operations, reporting to Dennis Lawrence, President CEO. He will be responsible for overseeing the day to day operational and administrative functions of the Company.

Chuck brings over 15 years of global operations management experience to CLARK. He earned an MBA from the Uni...

CLARK Enhances Engineering Capabilities with the Appointment of Chuck Moratz to Lead the Global Engineering Group
 -- Posted: 9/19/2014

CLARK Material Handing Company, in cooperation with CLARK Material Handling International, announced today the creation of a worldwide product engineering group. To lead this group, Chuck Moratz has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Global Engineering, reporting to Dennis Lawrence, President CEO of CLARK.

In this new role, Chuck will be responsible for overseeing and...

Egemin to build new deep-freeze AS/RS for Crop's
 -- Posted: 9/19/2014

Egemin Automation has been contracted to build and automate a brand-new deepfreeze warehouse for frozen foods specialist Crop's in Belgium.  The new high-bay warehouse will be built next to the existing freezer warehouse and production plant.

Egemin delivers a total concept for Crop’s and is responsible for the complete construction of the warehouse. The constructio...

Bobcat excavates productivity, inventory improvements
 -- Posted: 9/17/2014
The construction equipment company makes heavy-duty gains in lift truck driver productivity and inventory accuracy with the help of some new technologies.

Where to store the item? What makes sense? In the back of the warehouse (never to be seen again) or in the middle of the aisle where it’s in the way? Does it make sense that only “Joe” knows where he put it? Warehouse Link eliminates the bad choices and allows visibility to where the item is located. Putaway is directed by the system and location placement is confirmed with a quick scan. Warehouse Link takes into account those “exception to the rules” and provides flexibility to move locations temporarily or permanently. Putaway activities may be controlled by ABC Velocity, Environmental Controls, Expiration Date, Item Ownership, Item for Specific Customer, Preferred Areas or Cubic Capacity. Putaway also manages replenishment with min/max quantities.