Industry News:

BNSF plans $6 billion capital expenditure program for 2015
 -- Posted: 11/20/2014
Half of the funds to be spent on track upgrades, $1.5 billion on network expansion.

Descartes buys Airclic for $29.7 million
 -- Posted: 11/20/2014
Move expands Descartes' position in mobile supply chain services.

FedEx Freight's Charlotte drivers vote to unionize
 -- Posted: 11/20/2014
Location's 222 drivers largest block to approve Teamster representation.

A complicated question
 -- Posted: 11/19/2014
Which is better: one centralized reverse logistics processing center or several regional ones? Experts say the answer depends on a lot more than just cost and efficiency.

In today’s world there’s a whole lot more to the business of warehousing than just Receiving, Putaway, Picking and Shipping. Not every item is destined to sit on the shelf until it is picked and shipped. Kitting, manufacturing, repackaging, QC and product customization are all twists, turns and transformations that the product may make before shipping to the customer. Warehouse Link provides tracking and inventory integrity throughout the entire life of the product – no matter what it goes through before shipping.