Industry News:

Importers, exporters worry about late start for West Coast port labor negotiations
 -- Posted: 4/24/2014
Contract expires June 30 but talks won't start until mid-May; NRF and other groups urge labor, management to start negotiations now.

Teamster leadership enforces UPS small-package contract over objections of several locals
 -- Posted: 4/24/2014
Move called "unprecedented;" outstanding supplemental pacts take effect tomorrow.

Interroll continues successful cooperation with Alfamart in Indonesia
 -- Posted: 4/24/2014

By delivering conveyors to Alfamart for the 9th time, Interroll, a worldwide provider of key products and solutions for internal logistics, continued the successful cooperation with one of Indonesia’s leading retailers, serving 2.5 million customers daily with approximately 7,000 stores across Indonesia.

Alfamart recently took its new distribution center in Karawang in...

Locally Global A-Safe Crowned For International Success
 -- Posted: 4/23/2014

Safety barrier manufacturer, and inventors of the world’s first fixed, flexible, polymer protection system A-Safe are celebrating this week, after becoming winners of the prestigious Queens Award for International Trade.

After developing a worldwide hit with their unique barrier product, they’ve been royally acknowledged, as business thrives.


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