Industry News:

Buffett criticizes BNSF's 2014 performance, saying it "disappointed" many customers
 -- Posted: 3/2/2015
Railroad owner vows to reverse unit's fortunes in 2015.

Chassis-provisioning model takes wing at Southern California port complex
 -- Posted: 3/2/2015
"Pool of pools" model aimed at boosting driver productivity, alleviating port congestion.

UPS moves up full ORION rollout in U.S. market to the end of 2016
 -- Posted: 3/2/2015
Original plan called for full implementation of driver navigation system during first quarter of 2017.

Interroll introduces new customer program: “Rolling On Interroll”
 -- Posted: 3/2/2015
The Interroll Group launches its new customer loyalty program, “Rolling On Interroll.” In collaboration with partners, system integrators and OEMs, the program is aimed at raising awareness among customers of the critical importance of high-quality key components when it comes to material handling machine and plant engineering.
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