Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Inventory Visibility Using Warehouse Management

It can be frustrating to managers when they have to rely on an employee’s memory to locate product. What happens when that employee is gone? Sometimes locations are created for no real rhyme or reason. Warehouse-LINK® provides visibility to inventory throughout the entire warehouse and beyond the four walls.

Visibility includes not only product visibility, but also visibility to workers and the tasks they are performing as well as visibility to functions as they are occurring in real-time. This amount of visibility allows a manager to move labor around as it is needed for the most efficient use of time and labor. For example, a truck arrives at the dock early (or late), the manager has visibility to see when the truck is available for receiving and can pull labor from other tasks that may not be as critical as getting the truck unloaded and putaway.


Visibility with Warehouse-LINK® allows managers the flexibility to use every square foot of the warehouse by mixing locations, setting up temporary locations and tolerating exceptions to the rules. Locations are managed logically with established business rules and communicated to the employee via system directives to control putaway and prevent lost inventory.

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Interlink Technologies offers no cost introductory web-based seminars to explain the functions and features of Warehouse-LINK®.

These seminars, which last approximately 30 minutes, are designed to provide sufficient information for you to determine if Interlink's Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management System (WMS) might help your business.







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