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Warehouse Management System

Distribution Industries

Warehouse-LINK® is a business system designed to support all distribution industries and activities. There are a lot of common Best Practices in warehousing, however, Interlink also recognizes that there are industry specific processes and have included many of these specific needs in Warehouse-LINK®.

Retail and Retail Suppliers

In the retail industry timing is important. Warehouse-LINK® provides the technology to "order today, ship today." It is important to know critical information about each product real-time, where it's located and when to ship. Nobody really wants "Christmas in July." If you don't have a good handle on your inventory, you might be stuck with inventory that is out of season or inventory whose craze has come and gone. Warehouse-LINK® tracks every piece of inventory so that you know exactly what you have and where it's located so that you can meet fulfillment requirements on time.

Companies who do business with Wal-Mart are required to implement DSDC (Direct Stored Delivery Consolidation). Warehouse-LINK® manages traditional order consolidation and DSDC shipment profiles.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Two of the most demanding industries for manufacturers and distributors has to be the food and pharmaceutical industries. Warehouse-LINK®'s robust features support the food and pharmaceutical industry's requirements with ease.

Immediate access to real-time, accurate, reliable information is essential for audits, recalls and compliance regulations. Tracking includes dates (expiration, manufacture, receive, etc.), batch/lot/serial numbers, rotations, catch weights, quality control testing, manufacturer or supplier, seasonal items, freezer/refrigeration conditions, what was shipped and when it was shipped. The moment a scan is triggered, the information is immediately updated throughout the entire system – whether you're on the warehouse floor or at a desk in your office, you know what is happening.

Shelf life is managed by tracking FIFO rules, expiration dates, batch/lot/serial numbers, rotations and picking methods. The picker is directed to the preferred picking location and if a product needs to be moved before it reaches the critical expiration date the picker is alerted and directed to complete and confirm the move.

Warehouse-LINK® has the power to track individual ingredients through an entire work in process that creates a new product or track product from the field through the processing cycle. Warehouse-Link® continually follows and tracks every piece of information that you need – from its inception, transformation, return to the warehouse floor and shipping. Warehouse-LINK®'s detailed tracking handles audits and recalls swiftly without incidence or error.

Interlink Technologies is consistently ranked in Food Logistics Top 100 Technology Providers because of our proven track record in the food industry.


There is no other industry quite like the 3PL industry that incorporates multiple practices and procedures determined by each customer. The world of 3PL necessitates the best management skills in order to succeed. Warehouse-LINK® is built to manage multiple companies, multiple buildings, multiple sites, multiple industries, multiple receiving, putaway, tracking, picking and shipping procedures. It makes no difference if the warehouses are physical brick and mortar buildings or simply logical warehouses all under one roof, Warehouse-LINK® provides optimum management for independent management with one system.


How do you manage a warehouse full of inventory that is controlled by advancing technology, prone to inconsistent supply and demand impulses, pressured by an extremely short shelf life and burdened with returns? Think Interlink®!

Cross dock gives you the ability to move the product to shipping as soon as it comes off the manufacturing line or is received in the warehouse – avoid putaway altogether for speedier shipping to the customer.

Returns are managed quickly to get the product back in inventory or scrapped if damaged.


Warehouse-LINK® in the automotive distribution center is like oil on a wheel – it makes the whole process move a lot smoother and more efficiently. Warehouse-LINK® eliminates shipping errors, reduces inventory requirements, increases employee productivity in receiving, putaway, picking and receiving.

Interlink's Warehouse-LINK® gives you control to manage inventory that has a lot of "baggage." From serial numbers, lot numbers, shelf life codes, expiration dates, multiple suppliers/vendors and other rules, Warehouse-LINK® captures, tracks and maintains all the information and "baggage" that is carried by each piece of the inventory puzzle.

Warehouse-Link® relieves the headaches associated with kitting by tracking work in process so that you can offer value-added services to your customers.

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Interlink Technologies offers no cost introductory web-based seminars to explain the functions and features of Warehouse-LINK®.

These seminars, which last approximately 30 minutes, are designed to provide sufficient information for you to determine if Interlink's Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management System (WMS) might help your business.








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