Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse-LINK® Overview

Warehouse-LINK® eliminates the uncertainty about where the product is located and where it is in the distribution process.

Warehouse-LINK® is a business system designed to support all distribution activities. As soon as the product enters your facility, Warehouse-LINK® begins to provide information and knowledge by incorporating numerous modules that will give you immediate and accurate information using advanced paperless, real-time, on-line inventory tracking methods.

Yard Management • Schedule inbound/outbound shipments • Manage docks & yard locations • Manage storage containers

ASN & Receiving • Easy, accurate, fast receiving and returns • Use time and space efficiently • Plan ahead

Cross Dock • Ship product immediately from receiving or manufacturing • Eliminate Putaway

Shuttle transfer • Shuttle between your warehouses • No order needed • Generates BOL

Putaway & Replenishment • Dynamic slotting • Manage high volume and seasonal products

Inventory Control • Manage inventory intelligently • 100% traceability • Gain product knowledge

Wave Planning • Manage high volume demand • Increase productivity

Order Processing • Order today, ship today • Value-add kitting • Build to order, build to stock

Picking • System directed picking • Pick by single order, multiple orders, entire truck

Packout & Shipping • Error-free order changes • Order verification • Real-time information

Task Manager • Manage and control who does what • System directed by priority • Rate efficiency

Real-Time Reports • See what’s going on NOW in the warehouse from your desk • Immediate updates to entire system

System Administration • Control system authority • Control system configuration and process rules

Transportation Management • Schedule arrivals & departures • Change dock/truck assignment • View load details

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Interlink Technologies offers no cost introductory web-based seminars to explain the functions and features of Warehouse-LINK®.

These seminars, which last approximately 30 minutes, are designed to provide sufficient information for you to determine if Interlink's Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management System (WMS) might help your business.







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