Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Warehousing Management


Warehouse-LINK® provides warehousing management for Multi-building / company / locations. Powerful functionality design built into Warehouse-LINK® allows independent or dependent management of multiple locations – whether it's the warehouse next door or a warehouse on the other side of the country. One system - Warehouse-LINK®® - will manage everything. The flexibility of this design takes into account and handles the differences in operations to give managers the flexibility to manage each warehouse with their own separate set of business rules. And it goes even one step further by allowing one warehouse to operate as multiple warehouses by creating a building within a building.

As soon as enters the facility, Warehouse-LINK® begins to provide information and knowledge by incorporating numerous modules that give immediate and accurate information using advanced paperless, real-time, on-line inventory tracking methods.

Common receiving methods include:

  • With PO
  • Without PO
  • ASN (Advance Ship Notice)
  • Returns
  • Miscellaneous Receiving
  • In addition, other receiving functions include:
  • Allocations for QC hold items for quality checking
  • Automatically direct workers to capture lot and/or serial numbers for specified items
  • Automatically allow cross-docking
  • Flexible cross-dock processing
  • Build pallet
  • Unload Shuttle

Location SetUp & Space Management
Warehouse-LINK® manages your available space dynamically allowing full use of every square foot of distribution space.  Define any combination of bin, rack, letdown, floor, drop, staging, dock and yard locations to rename locations, units/pallets, serial numbers and lot numbers.  Move items and unites/pallets, change ownership and adjust inventory.

Warehouse-LINK® selects the best location (dynamic slotting) for product putaway using location and product attributes (rules) plus user-defined putaway logic sequences.  System directed putaway assure least travel path to achieve desired storage strategy.  

  • Supports random, preferred, fixed and forward-pick stocking strategies
  • Handles definable forward, reserve, staging, drop, dock, floor and rack locations
  • Manages locations using facility, zone, aisle, bay, level and slot locations
  • Gives replenishment instructions automatically for specified minimum and maximum quantities
  • Allows a single item to be stored in a single location OR multiple locations
  • Allows multiple items to be stored in a single location
  • Supports temporary putaway locations while reserving the "ultimate" storage location
  • Automatically determines the best putaway location
  • Allows users to request or scan alternate putaway locations
  • Confirms in real-time that items are put away to valid locations
  • Directs activities and controls storage by:
    • ABC velocity
    • Environmentally controlled items
    • Controlled substances
    • Item ownership
    • Item designated for a specific customer
    • Preferred areas
    • Cubic capacity
    • Expiration Date

Warehouse-LINK® maintains a detailed audit trail of all functions. Warehouse-LINK®® provides a detailed  audit trail (i.e., time and date, function  performed, person who performed the activity and before and after images) of all activities that affect inventory quantities including receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, cycle counting, consolidation and adjustments.


  • Owner (i.e., company/division)
  • Movable unit  (i.e., pallet or tote) using a unique license plate number
  • Mixed part numbers (SKU's) within a single movable unit
  • Raw materials and finished goods inventory
  • Item status
  • Batch/lot and serial numbers
  • Expiration date

Warehouse-LINK® also provides the tools you need to perform and direct your warehouse and distribution operations in a shorter time, using fewer resources for a greater return.

  • Manages and maintains location characteristics by cubic capacity, environmental controls, ABC velocity and other criteria
  • Manages and maintains item  characteristics by FIFO, ABC Velocity, UPCs, etc
  • Manages and assigns tasks and direct user – directives, established by management, are given on the mobile device
  • Automatically designates received quantities for QC analysis
  • Generates directed cycle counts through selectable parameters
  • Performs "on demand" cycle counts
  • Allows opportunity cycle counts
  • Interleaves tasks (i.e., cycle count, picking, etc.) for efficiency and time savings
  • Maintains license plate (unit) history as long as needed
  • Manages receipt and putaway of returns

Warehouse-LINK® supports order entry, maintenance, and management.  

Warehouse-LINK® provides an advanced order management tool to work with orders to fulfill. View orders one at a time, in filtered groups, or waves. View and maintain customer and shipping information.  Consolidate orders or carrier-route-stops.  View messages, line items, and picking and shortage information.  Assign dynamic forward pick locations.  Allocate and unallocate inventory, and place orders on hold.

  • Warehouse Management PDFClick the image to download the pdf.Warehouse-LINK® controls and monitors:
  • Multiple pick methods
  • Pick waves
  • Allocating and un-allocating inventory for a specific wave or order
  • Order sorts by specifying sort fields and value ranges
  • Terminating activity for all items on an order and closing the order
  • Assigning a carrier to a wave or order
  • Placing all unfinished picking activity on hold
  • Assigning a staging area to a wave or order
  • Assigning pick instructions to a specific user profile
  • Kitting applications & manufacturing
  • Workload management


  • Assign carriers to dock doors
  • Assign orders to carriers
  • Select a trailer for loading
  • View the status of orders assigned to a dock and produce shipping documents
  • Print shipping documents before or after a truck is loaded
  • Verify each item before loading
  • Use packout or pallet load
  • Load trucks in reverse stop sequence to support efficient unloading for multiple delivery points
  • View truck contents
  • Provides multiple options for manifesting and truck routing
  • Provides inquiries into shipment data
  • Shuttle load transfers – the ability to shuttle products between your own facilities instead of "shipping"

Warehouse-LINK® provides sign-on password security protection and allows management to define authorization, menus and menu sequences so that security is tailored to each individual user.

Warehouse-LINK® provides numerous inquiries.  Some of these inquiries include:
Inventory, Location Override, Picking Activity, Order for an Item, Order Message, Cycle Count Transaction, Contents of Truck, Customer Order, Shipped Order, Location, Transaction, Lot Number, Serial Number, Item Master, PO, Receipt, Location/Movable Unit, Movable Unit Inventory, Item/UPC, Lot Number, Serial Number, Unit/Order, Order Message

Warehouse-LINK® enables companies to set standard productivity rates for critical processes with the following tools:

Productivity Rates
Add, change or delete engineered standards for your productivity rates in any building, zone, category or program.

User Performance
Compares user's actual performances to the standard productivity rates and the actual number processed for various productivity categories, such as receiving, cycle counting, picking and shipping.  Performance is measured in numeric and percentage data.

Work History
Displays all warehouse processing for a 24 hour period in either one hour or thirty minute increments.

Review warehouse activity for peak workload periods to ensure appropriate utilization of personnel.

Pick/Ship Workload
Displays picking and shipping activity for a 24 hour period.

Predictor Tool
Uses real-time data to determine ‘time remaining' for picking, loading and shipping orders.

Manufacturing / Shop Orders / Kitting
Warehouse-LINK® provides the directives to bring components and raw material to an assembly area where users create new finished goods.  The new item becomes part of the inventory and components are relieved.

Cross-Dock from Receiving and Manufacturing
Warehouse-LINK® expedites inventory for fulfillment and manufacturing order by by-passing normal putaway and picking processes.  The system automatically allocates and picks cross-dock items from receiving or manufacturing.  Put away items directly to manufacturing, staging or shipping locations.

Yard Management
Warehouse-LINK® supports inbound and outbound yard management (trailer slotting).  

Warehouse-LINK® provides management tools that allow you create, maintain, and view receiving logs and trailer schedules.

Warehouse-LINK® provides user functions for RF terminals to maintain trailers and receive product.  Assign, move, and re-label trailers.

Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory
Warehouse-LINK® manages inventory dynamically so you can cycle count at any time. Inventory accuracy eliminates need for Physical Inventories.

Warehouse-LINK® provides user functions to cycle count by queue, on demand, by opportunity, by random, and by bulk.

Warehouse-LINK® manages the inventory level of or dynamic pick locations.  The system issues a replenishment instruction when quantity reaches your minimum threshold to assure inventory levels meet picking demand.

Warehouse-LINK® supports user-definable QC sampling from receiving, QC holds against inventory as desired and quarantine of entire lot(s).  Release inventory by PO, lot or specific pallet when QC inspection has occurred.






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