Discover the full potential of your warehouse with Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

WMS Technology

Interlink’s software development is exclusive and proprietary and never outsourced overseas. Interlink adheres to strict standards and thorough testing to insure the integrity of the software.

Platforms: Web based solutions utilizing DB2 and SQL Server

  • Strong System Network Management Functions
  • Flexibility with Supporting Small Single Warehouses or Multiple Warehouses
  • Supports Client Server Computing

Barcode Technology:

Warehouse-LINK® leverages barcode technology.  The error rate in recording data using barcodes is less than 1 in 3 million characters.  Warehouse-LINK® was designed specifically for mobile computing technology. Mobile computing technology allows the workers to direct, verify and record their actions as they are performed, at the site of activity. Warehouse-LINK® virtually eliminates the possibility of error. Activity is recorded as it takes place on the distribution center floor. 

Scalable Solutions:

Warehouse-LINK® is designed to be scalable - the software allows you to grow your system.  If your company has 5 users or 500 users, you have the same functionality.

Interlink’s Technology History

Interlink Technologies launched in 1986 with the technology vision to provide paperless, real-time information in the warehouse so that managers and supervisors could make informed decisions and keep the supply chain on track with their customer’s demands.  This vision, along with the talents of software designers and programmers, placed Interlink Technologies into the category of “pioneer” in the field of Warehouse Management Systems.

From 1986 to 1991, Interlink provided 100% custom WMS solutions using the IBM platform for development.  Under the product name Link 4X, Interlink provided solutions for Uniden, TRW, Stihl Chainsaws, Toshiba and others.  The robust software and experience was leveraged to create Interlink’s first Base Package, DC Wizard in 1991.  Companies such as Americold, Perrigo, Abbott Labs, Clorox, Wolverton, Sargento and Dana implemented the DC Wizard software. This time was exciting because it was the beginning of a whole new way of doing business – technology was advancing quickly and the opportunity for companies to “computerize” their business was more than a vision, it was a reality. 

In 1996, Interlink’s software vision continued to grow into the product offering Warehouse-LINK®.  Warehouse-LINK®, advancements included user-configurable functionality, GUI interfaces and features such as ASN, cross dock, shuttle, cycle counts, dynamic slotting, kitting, yard management and the ability to operate multiple warehouses using one system for multiple locations. 

Offering an SQL server solution affords small and mid-size companies the opportunity to manage the warehouse with all of the "bells and whistles."

bar code technology helps elminate operator error


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Interlink Technologies offers no cost introductory web-based seminars to explain the functions and features of Warehouse-LINK®.

These seminars, which last approximately 30 minutes, are designed to provide sufficient information for you to determine if Interlink's Warehouse-LINK® Warehouse Management System (WMS) might help your business.







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