Do you feel stuck in the same old routine? Are you tired of hearing “my best guess is …” or “I don’t know?” You know you need to boost the warehouse up to the 21st Century, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Identifying the pain points in warehouse operations can be tedious but well worth the time. It’s hard to fix something when you don’t know what’s broken. A fresh look at the operations from top to bottom may reveal that it’s time to implement a warehouse management system.

If you have never implemented a warehouse management system (WMS), you might not know what you’re missing! The biggest boost that a WMS provides is accessing real-time information and gaining visibility to all operations. WMS takes the guesswork out of decision making and allows you to make decisions with confidence. Can you imagine the improvements you will see when you no longer have to hunt through all the aisles for inventory, and you can access audit trails that track and trace every movement of the inventory?

Real time information is only the beginning. Order processing is faster, and shipment quality increases when you can verify and be assured that you are shipping what the customer ordered. FIFO is easy and verifiable when expiration dates, production dates and receive dates are crucial to shipments. Accurate fulfillment reduces chargebacks and keeps everyone happy – especially your customers.

Another reason to boost your warehouse with WMS is to gain warehouse space you never realized you had. WMS allows you think out of the box. For example, Interlink’s Warehouse-LINK® utilizes every inch of the warehouse by allowing mixed locations, temporary locations, dynamic slotting and even storage in trailers out in the yard.

Do you have any employees who enjoy physical inventory counts? Boost morale, save time and ease the pain of physical inventory counts by utilizing cycle counts with Warehouse-LINK®.

Efficiencies multiply when you implement a warehouse management system like Warehouse-LINK®. To learn more about boosting your warehouse operations, contact Interlink at 800-655-5465 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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