For many of our customers business is far from normal. Some of our customers are experiencing unprecedented order demands and others are experiencing staff shortages. Please be assured that the staff at Interlink is committed to providing exceptional support to help meet the unusual demands placed on the warehousing and distribution industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interlink is taking actions to protect the safety of employees with safe distancing practices, extra sanitizing efforts and remote working.

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Interlink Technologies is proud to announce that they are recognized as a 2020 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider .

Felicia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics states, “The importance of supply chain and logistics technology solutions has been brought to the forefront for many businesses as a result of the current situation that we all face. Our audience is expressing increased interest in how technology solutions can help provide visibility and hone execution.”

“Inbound Logistics provides the Logistics IT Decision Support Tool where the audience can enter their IT requirements and match solutions providers to best suit their needs.”

Inbound Logistics received over 400 entries and the Top 100 were selected based on audience IT requirements and companies who could fulfill these requirements. 

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Food Logistics magazine honors Interlink Technologies as a FL Top 100 Software and Tech Provider in the food and beverage industry. This is the 15th consecutive year that Interlink qualified for the honor.

“New developments and innovations in the software and technology sector are making sizeable impacts on the global food supply chain,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editorial director for Food Logistics and its sister publication, Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “The result is a greater visibility, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced shelf life for perishables, and the emergence of a more proactive and nimble food supply chain that benefits both the food industry and its logistics partners, as well as the end consumer.”

Interlink’s web-based solutions support all distribution activities, including multiple date tracking, serial and lot tracking, kitting, work order processing and more. Feature-rich solutions, user-friendly applications, dependable software and reliable support make Interlink a standout in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Paying close attention to inventory accuracy and employing techniques and technology solutions to improve inventory accuracy increases profits and provides additional benefits throughout the entire organization.

Interlink Technologies joins the 2020 HOT Companies list with Parcel Magazine. What’s HOT at Interlink is web-based technology, mobile computing, e-commerce, reverse logistics, just-in-time processes, compliance labeling and real time information. As a Warehouse Management System (WMS) provider, Interlink’s Warehouse-LINK® plays a vital role in getting small packages out the door quickly and accurately.

 Parcel Magazine focuses on small package solutions within the supply chain and logistics process. Interlink appreciates the opportunity to reach out to the Parcel audience to share solutions that specifically concern parcel shipping, such as rising e-commerce demands, shipping efficiently with pick and pack, managing order changes, and reducing returns to due to order error.


1. Access Real-Time Information

Gain visibility to what is happening in the warehouse in real-time. Real-time warehouse functions provides immediate visibility and allows Management to see what occurred, when it occurred, who performed the transaction, and how it affected inventory. Real-time information leads to better decision making for labor requirements, production and manufacturing planning, and inventory management and control.

There is no doubt that warehouse space is expensive and saving money is a powerful driver for utilizing warehouse space more efficiently. Many WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), such as Warehouse-LINK® from Interlink Technologies, include “built-in” efficiencies that make it easy to improve space utilization and gain space that you never knew you had available.

Product Information

Before you begin to look at where you can save space, you need to know what you have in the warehouse. WMS is specifically designed to let you know what you have and where everything is located. Warehouse-LINK® provides the tools that allow you to gather specific information about the storage requirements for each product that is in inventory. For example, you can gather and retain information on product size (width, height, depth) that will help decide the best location for that product. You might have business rules that require storing certain products in specific areas of the warehouse (such as in a secured location or in a refrigerated/freezer location) or requirements that certain products cannot be stored next to each other

Physical inventory counts in the warehouse are labor-intensive, disruptive, and only accurate for that moment in time when the count occurs. The second that warehouse operations resume, the count is inaccurate and only has historical value. Adding to the agony of physical inventory counting is realizing that it is not just one and done; this process will be repeated 2, 3, 4 and possibly up to 12 times a year! The more time that goes by, the less confidence there is in the count accuracy. One of the main reasons for implementing a WMS (Warehouse Management System) like Warehouse-LINK® is to gain automated cycle count functionality for ongoing, frequent counts performed in real-time. Inventory counts can occur as frequently as needed and even on the fly, without disrupting operations. Automated cycle counting reliably confirms inventory levels by comparing the WMS system count to what is actually on the shelf with the use of mobile computing devices to aid in the count.

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