Accurate, efficient picking and shipping is critical to customer satisfaction. It also reduces waste in your warehouse or distribution center that results from mispicks, mis-ships, return shipping, and the time spent hunting down misplaced inventory.

Wearable technology presents a powerful solution to improving your picking and shipping processes. Equip the warehouse worker with a wrist terminal, like the Zebra WT6000, a lightweight yet rugged mobile computer that fits comfortably on the arm. By tapping the WT6000’s touchscreen, pickers get up-to-the-minute data on orders, as well as exact locations of the items to be picked.

Pair the wearable computer with a cordless or corded ring scanner (Zebra RS6000 Bluetooth or RS4000 corded) and computer headset, and you enable totally hands-free picking and shipping. Voice-directed electronic pick orders are transmitted to the mobile device, eliminating the need for paper orders. The picker easily scans barcodes or RFID tags with the point of a finger. The result is less motion and more accuracy, as well as the ability to complete more orders.


Inventory is automatically updated with the use of wearable technology. Once the item is scanned for an order, it’s deducted from inventory counts. The real-time numbers reduce the incidence of out-of-stocks. You can see what you have, place re-orders with more efficiency, and deliver your customers’ orders accurately and on time.

The wearable technology solution achieves 99.9% picking accuracy and a dramatic improvement in the amount of orders completed per shift. Contact Interlink to learn more about Zebra’s wearable technology solutions and the benefits they deliver to your business.

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