Warehouse-LINK® maintains a detailed audit trail of all activities that affect inventory quantities including receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, cycle counting, consolidation, and adjustments. Information includes (but not limited to) time and date, functions of warehousing performed, the person who performed the activity, warehouse inventory before and after warehouse activities.

Warehouse tracking includes:

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  • Owner (company/division)
  • Movable unit (pallet or tote) using a unique barcode “license plate” number
  • Mixed part numbers (SKUs) within a single movable unit
  • Raw materials and finished goods inventory
  • Item status
  • Batch, lot and serial numbers
  • Expiration date

Inventory Management and Inventory Control

Warehouse tracking depends on responsible inventory management and inventory control. Warehouse-LINK® provides management and maintenance of:

  • Location characteristics such as cubic capacity, environmental controls (freezer, hazmat, secured inventory), and ABC velocity.
  • Item characteristics such as FIFO, LIFO, UPCs and QC analysis quantity.
  • Tasks such as special directives for users on a mobile device, interleaving tasks, and cycle counting.
  • Units (license plate) history.
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