Interlink's core focus since 1986 has been WMS software. Development is exclusive, proprietary, and never outsourced overseas. Interlink adheres to strict standards and thorough testing to insure the integrity of the software. Interlink’s current warehouse management system, Warehouse-LINK®, empowers the warehouse with sophisticated software and technology to manage ALL warehousing activities in virtually any industry in real-time.

OrderLineItems WL BodyWarehouse-LINK® integrates smoothly with ERP systems as well as pick-to-light systems, voice systems, automated scales, conveyors and other business systems. Warehouse-LINK® allows direct capture of batch/lot/serial numbers, expiration dates and catch weight. Inventory tracking begins at receiving or before the product arrives and is tracked throughout the entire product lifecycle. Warehouse-LINK® is truly an advanced WMS that includes such features as Cross-Docking, Kitting, Dynamic Slotting, Yard Management, Wave Planning, Shuttle Transfer and Transportation Management.

Warehouse-LINK® decreases ship cycles, decreases inventory needs and provides labor efficiency. Warehouse-LINK®’s built-in features allow for growth and flexibility as your business grows and changes.
Warehouse-LINK® software makes your life easier and ends the frustrations of trying to get simple questions answered. We have worked hard to provide a solution that will increase your product and nventory knowledge, help you manage the warehouse more efficiently and provide a return on your investment. The ROI is often as quick as six months

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