The putaway process selects the best location (dynamic slotting) for product putaway by using location and product attributes plus user-defined putaway logic sequences. Warehouse-LINK® provides directives to the user on the mobile and assures travel path optimization. Confirmation in real-time is required to ensure valid locations.

Putaway can be by-passed with the cross-docking process for faster fulfillment. After receiving inventory into Warehouse-LINK®, the system directs the user to take the product to shipping instead of a putaway location. Cross-dock avoids warehouse storage and provides a timesaving turnaround.

Warehouse-LINK® supports multiple putaway strategies:

  • Random, preferred, fixed, and forward-pick
  • Reserve, forward, staging, drop, dock, floor, and rack locations
  • Facility, zone, aisle, bay, level, and slot locations
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Multiple items in single location
  • Single items in multiple locations
  • Temporary putaway
  • Alternate putaway locations
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Putaway directives may consider activities and controls such as:

  • ABC classification
  • Environmental controls
  • Controlled substances
  • Item ownership
  • Designation for specific customer
  • Preferred areas
  • Cubic capacity
  • Expiration date
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