If you’re serious about improving warehouse operations, you have no doubt investigated or plan on investigating warehouse management systems. The world of WMS can be very confusing and expensive. Interlink Technologies makes WMS easy to understand and affordable.

Interlink starts with an easy-to-remember name: Warehouse-LINK® WMS

Warehouse-LINK® does exactly what the name says – provides one system to manage all warehouse operations and links to enhance other business/warehouse systems. Warehouse-LINK® is a Tier 1, “Best of Breed” WMS - the highest level of functionality, scalability, and flexibility. For an overview of the functionality included with Warehouse-LINK®, visit the Features and Functionality page on Interlink’s website: http://thinkinterlink.com/solutions/features-and-functionality.html

Warehouse-LINK® does not interfere with other business systems; instead Warehouse-LINK® is in constant communication with the ERP/Accounting System and reports order status, detailed shipping information, and inventory stock information. Additionally, if your warehouse currently uses or wants to incorporate fulfillment systems such as pick-to-light, pack-to-light, voice picking, dispensing systems or automated scales and conveyors, Warehouse-LINK® will link directly to the systems for increased productivity and value.

Interlink’s pricing model is based on achieving a 6 – 9 month ROI for our customers and staying within your budget. One of the means of accomplishing a quick ROI is following a 90-day implementation schedule – 90 days from contract signing to having Warehouse-LINK® operational the warehouse. It is amazing how fast the savings occur when efficiencies are gained, and the information is easy to obtain.

Another budget-friendly feature is Interlink’s low software to service dollars ratio, usually less than 1:1. Labor is expensive – no matter if it’s warehouse labor or IT labor. The Warehouse-LINK® base package is all inclusive and is designed for specific control and flexibility to manage between 95% and 100% of all warehousing activities. This design model saves the hassle and expense of adding modules later and IT labor is focused and utilized where it is needed most.

Train the trainer is another savings of service dollars. It is just common sense that ongoing training can be handled “in-house” for greater value and continual SOP improvement.

If you’re thinking about WMS, Think Interlink!

Lynn Granatir
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