Warehousing continues to face tough challenges. Work lean, but work faster. Increase efficiency and accuracy. Those are lofty goals.
Meanwhile, the number of SKUs will keep growing at a rapid rate, along with the warehouse space and even the number of locations and employees in your enterprise.

The choice of your technology will enable you to achieve greater success. Reducing waste and increasing efficiency leads to satisfied customers and a better bottom line for your operation. When there’s no room for error, you need to choose wisely.

Start with Mobility


Free up your workers from the wasted time of wandering back and forth from station to station, or hunting through the warehouse in search of missing inventory. Mobilize your workforce. Unplug them from the computers and printers. Equip them with mobile computers—from wrist terminals to handhelds to vehicle-mounted computers—and printers. They can do their job more effectively when they’re connected to your enterprise without walking the extra mile.


Zebra’s latest warehouse technology innovation, the TC8000, provides a revolutionary productivity tool. The single-plane interface reduces the need to tilt-and-verify with each scan. The unique ergonomic design reduces wrist motion. The all-touch terminal emulation makes it faster and more accurate to complete a task.

Get Tough

Look for the ruggedness of your warehouse data collection technology. This is not the place to skimp on lesser devices, because the replacement costs will keep mounting. Consider the durability in your environment. Can the device handle the bumps and drops that will inevitably occur? Will it stand up to dirt, dust, and even moisture? How about extreme temperatures, like cold storage? If you’re using the mobile device outside, can data be entered easily with a gloved hand?

Future-forward Thinking

What’s the anticipated lifespan of the technology you’re considering? Bear in mind that Microsoft will no longer support Windows CE/Mobile in 2020. Plan now for the OS migration that is occurring by considering your options. Android has a strong footing in enterprise computing, with a broad array of compatible devices and a large number of software developers to support your growing needs.

Efficiency in any operation relies on real-time data visibility, so you need the technology that can deliver that up-to-the-minute insight. Contact Interlink to ensure your investment in technology delivers a strong return in productivity, accuracy, and the information you need to make the best business decision.

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