• Real-time information would be a #1 priority for everything!
• Warehouse space wouldn’t be wasted, and would be organized intelligently
• We could find what we are looking for – easily and not eventually
• Customers would receive accurate orders – the first time
• Only certain employees would be allowed to perform certain tasks
• I would be able to see what was going on in every area of the warehouse

• I would move labor around as needed to get product received and orders out the door quickly
• Pick tickets would be eliminated so the darn things couldn’t be lost
• Inventory would be available for orders as soon as it came through the receiving dock
• Order fulfillment time would be at the speed of light
• I would build pallets in receiving
• Audit trails would be easy to follow because they would include all vital details
• There would be no more dreaded physical inventory counts on my day off – regular cycle counts would be
• performed to ensure accuracy
• Inventory with expiration dates would ship oldest first – guaranteed
• Ice cream would never “accidentally” be put in the dry goods area
• Lot, batch, and serial numbers would be tracked
• I would scan a “license plate” and know in an instant everything I wanted to know about that unit
• Replenishment instructions would be given through the handheld terminal for specific minimum and maximum
• quantities
• Seasonal items would have temporary locations close to receiving and shipping
• Temporary employees would be able to “catch on” easily, and I wouldn’t have to spend all day training them
• Productivity would increase and set record highs

All of this and more is possible with Warehouse-LINK® WMS.

So, what’s stopping you?

Time? Interlink takes a lot of the time-consuming tasks off of your plate. Interlink provides a “turn-key” solution – we handle the system integration and interfaces, manage hardware ordering and set-up, thoroughly train your administrator and employees on Warehouse-LINK® software, and provide support that is second to none!

Money? Warehouse-LINK® is affordable and you can expect ROI in 6 to 9 months! Interlink accommodates a variety of flexible, budget-friendly financing options to make Warehouse-LINK® WMS a reality, not simply an item on the wish list.

Warehouse Employees Support? It’s understandable that most employees don’t like change – they don’t know what to expect – they like to do things the way they have always done things. Our experience has overwhelmingly been that after implementing Warehouse-LINK®, employees cannot imagine going back to the “old way” of working. Warehouse-LINK® eliminates a lot of frustrations and makes their jobs a lot easier.

Executive Support? It doesn’t take much convincing once executives realize the potential that can be achieved using Warehouse-LINK® WMS. The bottom line is cost savings and increased profits. Warehouse-LINK® touches every inch of the warehouse with efficiencies – tangible and intangible but they all add up to overall profitability and growth.

Not Sure Where to Begin? A phone call or quick email to Interlink is a good first step. The second step is discovery and education for you and for Interlink – usually through a webinar. After the webinar, we are on our way to providing the solution to help you achieve your goals!

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