Cycle count with Warehouse-LINK® ensures inventory accuracy and eliminates physical inventory counts. The physical inventory process is tedious, time-consuming, costly, and inaccurate. Physical inventory counts provide only a static snapshot of inventory and become inaccurate the moment operations begin. Cycle counts using Warehouse-LINK® are dynamic and provide auditor-approved inventory accuracy.

Cycle Count by Queue

Cycle count by queue includes setting up a process that automatically triggers a cycle count by queue or sequence. For example, inventory counts may be based on ABC velocity and a schedule is set up to count fast moving inventory more frequently than slow-moving inventory. Cycle count may be based on a percentage or high dollar value for counting frequency. Using the mobile device, Warehouse-LINK® directs workers to perform and confirm inventory counts throughout daily activities. With continuous counts performed daily, the physical inventory counts are not necessary.

Other Cycle Counting Methods

On Demand and Random cycle counts can be performed at any time using Warehouse-LINK®. Opportunity cycle counts provide a quick, easy way to confirm that a location has zero items. Bulk cycle counting takes away the burden of counting eaches.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an essential link to the supply chain process that utilizes technology to increase efficiency and productivity, and provide information about warehouse operations in real-time.

Warehouse-LINK® software from Interlink incorporates warehouse best practices with barcode technology, mobile computing, and web-based applications. Designed from the ground up, Warehouse-LINK® supports all distribution activities and interfaces with ERP systems and all warehouse automation.

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