The entire warehouse operation realizes the benefits of real-time inventory information. Warehouse-LINK® allows managers to see the big picture in the warehouse. Knowing where the product is located, quantity on hand and the status of receiving and shipping leads to increased productivity, decreased fulfillment times and better decision making. Knowing the status of receiving or shipping and knowing where the labor is distributed helps managers balance needs and take advantage of high and low activity in the warehouse.
The warehouse industry understands that getting the product in the door and out the door quickly gives a competitive advantage. Managers will be amazed at all the information they have at their fingertips and how much easier it is to manage with accurate, real-time information.

What is a Warehouse Management System?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an essential link to the supply chain process that utilizes technology to increase efficiency and productivity, and provide information about warehouse operations in real-time.

Warehouse-LINK® software from Interlink incorporates warehouse best practices with barcode technology, mobile computing, and web-based applications. Designed from the ground up, Warehouse-LINK® supports all distribution activities and interfaces with ERP systems and all warehouse automation.

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